Maximize profit in a grocery store

Leading for this system*

1 Lih38 97.1
2 youweizhong 96.3
3 Stephen Cabral 96.0
4 Bazooka Norwood 95.0
5 Roya 94.5
6 GZehn 94.2
7 Everest Gossett 92.5
8 anthonyysaraco 92.4
9 iseeviper 91.0
10 Kamand 90.9

* Your last experiment counts the most. Try to place it where you think the optimum is. You are also penalized for running unstructured experiments.

The aim is to maximize the profit in a grocery store. There are two factors you can change:

  • P = selling price of the product, measured in dollars
  • H = height of the product on the shelf [centimeters above the ground]

The product is aimed at men. Typical values are: P = $2.00 and H = 200cm, and if you are logged in, then the first experiment at these conditions has been run for you.

The profit value is reported in $ per hour.

See "Experimentation for Improvement" Coursera course videos (see module 5), but note that the model here is not identical to the one in the videos.

Maximize profit in a grocery store ::

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