Maximize popcorn yield

Leading for this system*

1 yaadi 96.0
2 Stephen Cabral 96.0
3 FarukAbedrabbo 96.0
4 iseeviper 95.8
5 Robert Van Gemeren 95.0
6 DanielFelipeCarrascoSuarez 94.2
7 davidnosoy 93.7
8 ABCDEF 93.4
9 Linda de Lange 93.4
10 Randeep Singh 92.9

* Your last experiment counts the most. Try to place it where you think the optimum is. You are also penalized for running unstructured experiments.

The aim is to find just the right amount of time on the stove to maximize the yield of popcorn (the number of popped kernels): too long and some (or all!) burns; too short, and not all of it pops.

See "Experimentation for Improvement" Coursera course videos (see module 5), but note that the model here is not identical to the one in the videos.

Maximize popcorn yield ::

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