Maximize biological production

Leading for this system*

1 Linda.lange-de 82.0
2 Marjolein 81.0
3 Skeletor 80.6
4 Rieneke 80.0
5 Kevin 78.4
6 Ninja Yates 78.1
7 Lady Deming 77.7
8 ruya 77.5
9 Ballpark Marlowe 77.2
10 Angela 77.2

* Your last experiment counts the most. Try to place it where you think the optimum is. You are also penalized for running unstructured experiments.

The aim is to find the duration [hours] of the experiments to maximize the yield of a biological product. If you operate the reactor too long some side reactions start to occur which consume your product. If you operate for too short a time, then you miss out on the opportunity of creating more product.

See "Experimentation for Improvement" Coursera course videos (see module 5) for methods on how to solve these systems methodically.

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