Concrete strength

Leading for this system*

1 RSM Rebels 92.6
2 The Bernoulli 84.1
3 ThisIsFranny 80.4
4 No Pie Charts Ever 79.8
5 FarukAbedrabbo 72.4
6 AnibalFaruk 64.2
7 Boss Blackwell 63.7
8 Queen Ural 62.3
9 Kilimanjaro Ducas 61.6
10 Everest Gossett 61.3

* Your last experiment counts the most. Try to place it where you think the optimum is. You are also penalized for running unstructured experiments.

The aim is to maximize the strength of a concrete product. There are two factors that you can adjust:

  • C = amount of cement (between 1.8 and 4.2 kg)
  • W = amount of water (between 0.4 and 1.1 L)

Typical values are: C = 2.5 kg cement with W = 0.5 L water. There are other additives and materials in the concrete, but we will use those later on.

See the opening video in module 1 from the "Experimentation for Improvement" Coursera course. This case is based on that work, but this system has a 'twist'.

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